The Geometry Release is live

Price charts, activity history, statistics page, and the first vote of the Balanced DAO.

The Geometry Release is live

The Balanced team is excited to unveil our first major update post-launch: the Geometry Release.

Named in honor of Geometry Labs, this release includes the core infrastructure needed for the community’s most-wanted features.

Price charts

Statistics page

Activity history

And for each, this is just the beginning. With the basics in place, we plan to enhance them through incremental updates. Think technical indicators, coin info pages, in-depth governance stats, and the ability to search and export transaction details.

Participate in the first Balanced DAO vote

Now for the news you’ve been waiting for: the network fee vote is live.

At the time of publishing, Balanced has collected over $1M of network fees:

  • 265,853 sICX
  • 827,363 bnUSD
  • 11,840 BALN

Now, BALN holders get to vote to distribute those fees.

The proposed split will see 40% of fees go to the DAO fund, and 60% to people who stake BALN or supply it to a liquidity pool.

To vote, sign in to Make sure your BALN is staked to maximize your voting power (BALN in a liquidity pool won’t count towards this vote), then click Vote to distribute fees in the Rewards section.

Choose Approve or Reject, then complete the transaction.

Voting lasts 5 days, and ends on 1 July at 10am PST. At least 20% of staked BALN needs to vote, and of those, at least 67% need to approve it.

Fees can be distributed as soon as the vote has passed. After the first distribution, you’ll be able to claim them from the Rewards section around 10am PST each day.

Make sure you participate in this monumental first vote of the Balanced DAO.

Support Balanced on Product Hunt

With the Geometry release, Balanced is closer than ever to being a complete product. To celebrate, we just posted Balanced on Product Hunt.

If you enjoy using Balanced, be sure to leave a review.