Balanced bug bounty now live on Immunefi

Balanced bug bounty now live on Immunefi

Balanced has teamed up with Immunefi to lead a bug bounty program targeted at the Balanced smart contracts.

Immunefi is a top bug bounty operator in the blockchain industry, and leads bug bounty programs for DeFi projects like Synthetix, Compound, Aave, and more. We’re delighted to add Balanced to their list of projects.

The bug bounty for Balanced is targeted at Critical and High priority vulnerabilities. This includes, specifically, vulnerabilities that put participants’ funds at risk and/or halt the operation of the Balanced smart contracts.

Learn more about the Balanced bug bounty and how to participate.

Balanced’s security is and will always be our top priority. We’ve had the smart contracts audited by SlowMist, reviewed by multiple third parties, and are now starting a bug bounty ahead of the launch to continue to build faith in the security of this platform.

Thank you to all our early supporters. We look forward to a smooth launch next week.